Our lesson prices are very competitive and can be lowered further by using our block booking lessons. We recommend having a 2 hour lesson each week as this offers you the best value for money, meaning you’ll pass your test in less time needing a lower number of lessons.

All of our lessons are extremely well structured with you setting clearly defined goals for each lesson, as opposed to driving round each lesson with no real idea of what to achieve. Click Here to read more about our learner driving lessons, their structure and other benefits to learning to drive with us!

Manual Driving Lesson Prices

Beginner Offer First 4 Hours £60

Non Beginner Offer First 2 Hour Lesson £40

1 Hour Lesson £27
1.5 Hour Lesson £39
2 Hour Lesson £52
10 Hours Block Booking £250

Manual Intensive Driving Lesson Prices

2 Hour Intensive Course Assessment £50
20 Hour Intensive Course Inc Driving Test £562
30 Hour Intensive Course Inc Driving Test £812
40 Hour Intensive Course Inc Driving Test £1022
50 Hour Intensive Course Inc Driving Test £1262

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