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Here at Reward Driving Solutions we understand that you’ll no doubt be super excited about starting your driving lessons with the view of passing your test and being independently on the road. We believe that choosing the right driving instructor can make all the difference, saving you hundreds and pounds and months of time. If you think about all of the educational teachers you’ve had overtime, you’ll remember some you just didn’t get on with and some you really liked, making these lessons much more enjoyable – right?

Driving instructors are the same and unfortunately not all instructors teach to the same standard and for many reasons, one of which is that after first qualifying as an instructor many don’t undertake any further CPD (continuous professional development) throughout their career as well as not constantly evaluating their methods and results, meaning they become stuck in a rut and don’t have the knowledge that would help you in your training to become an independent driver. Please don’t settle for a lesson where by you are driving around aimlessly not knowing what to achieve.

At Reward Driving Solutions we are dedicated to you, using coaching methods and fully understanding individual learning styles we are able to develop with you a structured programme that will help you to become self-aware and in turn quickly become an independent driver.

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Structured Lessons

  • Brief Recap of Previous Lesson

  • Lesson Plan, Goals and Needs

  • Plenty of Practice Time

  • Regular Recaps

  • Lesson Reflection

  • Keep A Consistent Weekly Lesson

  • Make Full Use of Our Online Lesson Topics

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