Intensive or Semi-Intensive
If you would like to to pass you driving test in less time then taking one of intensive courses is the perfect option. You’ll benefit from taking a regular lesson slot and thus not loosing the momentum from the last lesson but still having time to process the new information you are learning each lesson.

An Intensive Course that is personalised to you
Our courses are designed and based on your personalised requirements and needs. We won’t suggest to you how many hours of driving tuition you should have per day/week or how much time should be left between your lessons on this page as we aim to give you a truly student centred approach we will discuss this with you based on your aims of the date by which you would like to have passed your driving test by and also by seeing how effectively you retain the lesson material and this giving us both an idea of the best schedule of lessons moving forward.

We would however, recommend having regular lessons to ensure that you’re continually building from your last lesson’s progress. For some people 2 hours a day is perfect and for others they might feel that they could do more but the main point to take away is that you don’t put too much pressure on yourself by doing too many hours per day/lesson that you’re not retaining what you had learnt at the start of each lesson. An intensive course has the potential to save you money as lesson topics are fresh in your mind.

Intensive Driving Course Prices

  • 2 Hour Intensive Course Assessment £52.00

  • 20 Hour Intensive Course Inc Driving Test £622.00

  • 30 Hour Intensive Course Inc Driving Test £902.00

  • 40 Hour Intensive Course Inc Driving Test £1182.00

  • 50 Hour Intensive Course Inc Driving Test £1462.00

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