Welcome to the B+E trailer training section of our website.

We’re pleased to be able to offer bespoke trailer training to enable you to legally tow, If you would like to tow any trailer type over 750kgs you would be required to have the B+E category on your driving licence and if you don’t have the acquired rights; meaning that you passed your car driving test before the 1st January 1997 you would then be required by law to sit and pass the B+E driving test.

As the B+E is considered to be a vocational addition to your licence there is no requirement for you to pass a theory test and so you can jump straight into your practical lessons in preparation for the driving test. The test itself consists of an S-shaped reverse exercise at the driving test centre and also a un-couple and re-couple exercise, the on-road driving will last for a minimum of 50 minutes and will cover driving your vehicle combination over different road and traffic types.

Whether your requirement is to tow a trailer, food van, horsebox or caravan our trailer training courses are designed with you and your vehicle combination in mind and tailored to your specific needs.

B+E Training Training Prices 

  • 3 hour lesson £135.00

  • 4 hour lesson £180.00

  • 5 hour lesson £225.00

  • 6 hour lesson £270.00

  • 7 hour lesson £315.00

  • 8 hour lesson £360.00

  • 9 hour lesson £405.00

  • Use of car and trailer for test £90.00

  • B+E test fee £115.00

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